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Tips on how to get the AWS AccountID in Terraform

If you’re automating AWS sources in Terraform, then it would be best to not hardcode issues as a lot as attainable.

Terraform makes it attainable to tug the account_id from the native credentials.

Tips on how to get the AccountID information attributes

Create a file and place the next merchandise in it:

information "aws_caller_identity" "present" {}

Now the account_id will likely be out there to you inside your customary code as follows:


Tips on how to use the AccountID information attributes

This may now be utilized in a module, or wherever you must reference the account id:

module "my_custom_module" {
  tags        = var.tags
  vpcid       = var.vpcid
  subnetids   = var.subnetid
  account_id  = information.aws_caller_identity.present.account_id
  supply      = "./modules/some_module"


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