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The way to Test for Consider Python

The problem

This perform ought to check if the issue is an element of base.

Return true if it’s a issue or false if it’s not.

About elements

Components are numbers you’ll be able to multiply collectively to get one other quantity.

2 and three are elements of 6 as a result of: 2 * 3 = 6

  • Yow will discover an element by dividing numbers. If the rest is 0 then the quantity is an element.
  • You need to use the mod operator (%) in most languages to test for a the rest


2 shouldn’t be an element of seven as a result of: 7 % 2 = 1

Word: base is a non-negative quantity, issue is a optimistic quantity.

The answer in Python

Possibility 1:

def check_for_factor(base, issue):
    return base/issue == int(base/issue)

Possibility 2:

def check_for_factor(base, issue):
    return base % issue == 0

Possibility 3:

check_for_factor=lambda a,b:not apercentb

Check circumstances to validate our answer

import check
from answer import check_for_factor

@check.describe("Mounted Checks")
def fixed_tests():"Ought to return True")
    def should_return_true():
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(10, 2), True)
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(63, 7), True)
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(2450, 5), True)
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(24612, 3), True)
   "Ought to return False")
    def should_return_false():
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(9, 2), False)
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(653, 7), False)
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(2453, 5), False)
        check.assert_equals(check_for_factor(24617, 3), False)


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