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Subject 68, June 2021 – Nanotech Journal

Subject 67 (March 2021)


Subject 66 (January 2021)

Subject 65 (December 2020)


Subject 64

  • Pg. 4. Newest nanotech investments, industrial agreements and rounds of finance. October-November 2020
  • Pg 6. Nanobubbles market focus. Properties, purposes, definitions, Nanobubble tools producers.
  • Pg. 10. Newest nanotech product information.
    • Nanofiber masks.
    • Nano battery cathodes.
    • Nanotechnology-based bullet-proof merchandise.
    • Bettering the sturdiness of photo voltaic modules with carbon nanotubes.
    • Nano biomarkers for most cancers detection.
    • Nanoporous membranes for lithium extraction.
    • Carbon nanotube composites.
    • Cellulose nanofibers for cosmetics thickeners.
    • Nanofiltration membrane options for organic-heavy waste streams.
    • Photo voltaic warmth absorber.
    • Nanomaterials derived from the usage of CO2 for industrial use.


  • Pg. 16-20. Newest graphene product information.
    • Graphene facemasks.
    • Graphene carbon aerogel composites.
    • Graphene-based EMI shielding purposes.
    • Graphene for gasoline and brake strains.
    • Graphene supercapacitors.
    • Graphene investments and funding rounds.
    • Graphenefire retardant coatings.
    • Graphene-oxide-based ink battery.
    • Inexperienced hydrogen and battery grade graphene supplies.
    • Graphene-based all polymer photo voltaic thermal cells.
    • Graphene medical merchandise.

 Subject 63

  • The marketplace for part change supplies. Concentrate on the most recent market developments in part change supplies together with sorts, purposes and markets.
  • The marketplace for superior anti-viral and anti-microbial coatings.
  • Newest nanotech investments and funding rounds.
  • Newest nanotech merchandise: Nanodiamond batteries; silicon nanopowders; nanotech for safety; air filters; hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings; nanotech water filters; nanotech wi-fi cell phone charger; carbon nanotubes batteries; new quantum dot merchandise; antiviral nanocoatings; water repellent materials.
  • Newest graphene merchandise: graphene batteries; graphene-based sensible heating mattress; graphene masks; graphene-based virucidal ink; graphene rubber; graphene composites; graphene manufacturing; EV batteries and ultracapacitors.

 Subject 62

  • P. 4-10 Nanodiamonds
    • Properties
    • Varieties
    • Functions
    • Firm exercise.


  • P.10-13 Latest nanotech COVID-19 product and analysis information
    • Nano-coated filters.
    • Bio-photonic nanochips for detection.
    • Graphene in face masks to reinforce private protecting tools.
    • Composite inks for COVID-19.
    • Safety markers to medical face masks.
    • Magnetic nanoparticles for diagnostics.
    • Fast, point-of-care diagnostic checks.
    • S-layer vaccines.
    • Moveable COVID-19 diagnostic check based mostly on nanosensors.


  • P. 14-17 Nanotech analysis and product information.
    • Nanocages for the nuclear business.
    • Photo voltaic-powered nanoparticle techniques.
    • Oil-in-water nanoemulsion know-how.
    • PLGA nanoparticles.
    • Nanotech for enhanced oil and gasoline restoration.
    • Carbon nanotubes for Li-Ion battery cathodes and anodes.
    • Quantum dot agricultural merchandise.
    • Nanoptics for safety.
    • Quantum dot wearable patches.


  • P. 18-21 Graphene product and manufacturing information.
    • 2D supplies in aerospace engine techniques.
    • Newest graphene manufacturing.
    • Graphene concrete.
    • Graphehe conductive inks.
    • Graphene for roads.
    • Graphene motorbikes.
    • Graphene lubricants.
    • Graphene antibacterial merchandise.

 Subject 61

An expanded concern that appears at present nanotech options for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic together with diagnostic testing, facemasks, coatings, PPE and air filtration (indoors). Additionally lined on this concern is ongoing analysis, merchandise, product and commercialization in different nanomaterials, graphene and carbon nanotubes.


Subject 60

An expanded concern that appears at future efforts to mitigate the present pandemic. Particularly, the usage of antimicrobial and antiviral nanocoatings, which is mild of the present scenario ought to be rolled out on a world scale over the following couple of years. Value has historically been seen as a major hindrance to their use, particularly in healthcare environments, each when it comes to the price of the coatings themselves and price competitiveness versus conventional coatings. Nevertheless, the colossal financial injury brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic ought to render the fee concern irrelevant if public well being authorities want to totally mitigate future public well being emergencies. This concern additionally covers newest anti-viral nanotech face masks merchandise, investments, nanotech merchandise, laws and graphene information.

Subject 59

The primary nanotech markets, graphene and quantum dots, proceed to obtain heavy funding and funding. Merchandise which have come to the market over the previous few months embody marine coatings, anti-counterfeiting, photo voltaic panels and new TV and show merchandise. Samsung has introduced plans to take a position $11 billion in QD know-how and QD producers have not too long ago obtained multi-million greenback funding.

Subject 58

The marketplace for nanomaterials continues to develop, partly pushed by their means to satisfy challenges for biofriendly and sustainable merchandise. This month there are quite a few product developments in renewable vitality, oil spillage clean-up, quick charging batteries for electrical automobiles and environmentally pleasant packaging.
Perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) are coming to industrial prominence because of their wonderful photophysical properties, low heavy steel content material and low price fabrication compared to typical quantum dots. In depth evaluation is supplied on their properties, synthesis, manufacturing, purposes, challenges and up to date industrial exercise from outstanding producers.
Additionally lined on this concern are the most recent nanotech investments, industrial agreements and rounds of finance; new nanotech and graphene merchandise and manufacturing and nanomaterials regulatory developments.

Subject 57 

Quantum dots are THE nanomaterials success story. Quantum-dot enhancement movie is extensively utilized in LEDs for top definition televisions and shows, and are a multi-billion greenback market. Nevertheless, what we’ve seen to date is the tip of the iceberg.
The subsequent wave of QD show merchandise will incorporate quantum dots on glass, quantum dot color filters (QDCF) for microLEDS and shows, perovskite QDs and inkjet printed QDs.

Subject 56 

There was an growing focus over the previous couple of years in utilizing nanotechnology and nanomaterials to satisfy lots of the vital vitality and sustainability challenges that the world faces. The truth is, lots of the challenges going through all main industries are being met by the exploitation of those exceptional supplies. This month’s concern covers new product developments in graphene filters, nano sensible home windows, new carbon nanomaterials for batteries, nanostructured alloys for electrical automobile charger connectors and silicon quantum dots for photo voltaic home windows.
A latest plethora of latest nanotech merchandise in Japan additionally options closely on this concern. New protecting coatings and supplies are additionally featured, from waterproofing electronics to defending shopper packaging from smudging and marking. The most recent funding and regulatory information can also be lined in depth.

Subject 55 | December 2018

Steel-organic frameworks (MOFs), automotive nanotechnology.  Newest nanotech, graphene product and enterprise information.

  • Newest improvements in nanotechnology within the Automotive Sector.
  • New nanotech industrial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, November-December 2018.
  • New nanotech merchandise, November-December 2018.
  • New graphene merchandise, November-December 2018.
  • International nanomaterials laws and coverage information, November-December 2018.
  • Additionally on this concern: Graphene Nanotubes, Manufacturing Low Value Nanomaterials, Goodfellow supplies, HZO coatings and extra.

Subject 54 | August 2018

  • Polymer nanocomposites. The marketplace for graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanoclays and cellulose nanofibers in composites. Merchandise, firms and applied sciences.
  • New nanotech industrial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance, July-August 2018.
  • New nanotech merchandise, July-August 2018.
  • New graphene merchandise July-August 2018.
  • International nanomaterials laws and coverage information July-August 2018.

Subject 53 | Could-June 2018

Waterproof nanocoatings. Graphene in filtraton. Newest nanotech information.  

Subject 52 |April 2018  

Nanotech in filtration. Scorching nanotechnology firms.  View content material 

Subject 51 | March 2018  

Cellulose nanocrystals. Automotive nanocomposites.

Subject 50 | January 2018 

Self-healing supplies and coatings. Nanotechnology in sensible medical wearables. Learn extra

Subject 49 | November 2017 

Nanocomposites Market and Outlook. Nanotech within the Good and Interactive Textiles Market. Learn extra


Subject 48 | August 2017

Nanocellulose in Japan. Conductive nano inks. Graphene in metal coatings. Learn extra

Subject 47 | Could 2017

The marketplace for tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) coatings. Hydrophobic nanocoatings for shopper electronics. Learn extra

Subject 46 | April 2017

Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs). Graphene in coatings. Learn extra


Subject 45 | March 2017

Evaluation of the worldwide marketplace for single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT). Learn extra


Subject 44 | January 2017 

Nanotechnology within the sensible textiles and wearables market. Learn extra

Subject 43 | December 2016

Utilizing carbon nanostructures because the meeting platform in semiconductor superior packaging. Learn extra

Subject 42 | September 2016

Nanodiamonds. Automotive nanodisplays. Nanoskin deep. Learn extra

Subject 41 | September 2016

Good digital clothes incorporating nanomaterials for conductivity and monitoring. Nanotech in China. Good home windows. Learn extra

Subject 40 |  Could 2016

Graphene Quantum Dots, Carbon Nano-Onions, Commercializing Nanocellulose. Learn extra

Subject 39 | December 2015

Quantum Dot TVs. The marketplace for PAMAM dendrimers. C2N holey 2D supplies. Learn extra

Subject 38 | September 2015 

Carbon Nanotube Reminiscence, Meta Supplies and Nano Lubricants. Learn extra

Subject 37 | August 2015 

Anti-reflective nanocoatings, Anti-icing nanocoatings, Graphene in South Korea. Learn extra

Subject 36 | June 2015 

Nanotechnology in Japan; Carbon nanomaterials in Asia. Learn extra

Subject 35

2D Supplies Particular Subject. Learn extra

Subject 34 

Nanomaterials in Packaging; Meals Packaging; Anti-counterfeiting; Chemical, Organic and Explosive Risk Detection. Learn extra

Subject 33 

Nanocoatings are more and more discovering utility in steel tools requiring safety from corrosion, fatigue, put on, erosion and warmth; Graphene in Lithium-ion batteries  (LIB); Nanotechnology in wound careLearn more

Subject 32 

Graphene market and nanotech firms to look at in 2015. Learn extra

Subject 31 

Anti-fingerprint nanocoatings, automotive nanocoatings and printable electronics. Learn extra

Subject 30 

The nanocoatings market. Learn extra

Subject 29 

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Medical nanocoatings. ZIRCONIUM OXIDE NANOPARTICLES. Learn extra

Subject 28 

Nanocoatings in waterproof electronics. Single walled carbon nanotubes. Versatile nanowires. Learn extra

Subject 27 

Quantum dots in shows.  Carbon nanotubes. Learn extra

Subject 26 

Nanomaterials in Li-ion batteries. Self-healing nanomaterials. Gold nanoparticles. Learn extra

Subject 25 

Business outlook from Aeonclad Coatings. Graphene in healthcare. Learn extra

Subject 24 

Graphene: Visitor article from Vorbeck Supplies. Graphene-The brand new surprise materials: Visitor article from Haydale. Graphene commercialization: Graphene in merchandise. Anti-corrosion nanocoatings. Learn extra

 Subject 23 

Nanomaterials in Li-ion batteries. Nanosilica. Carbon nanotubes. Learn extra

Subject 22

Cellulose nanocrystals. Success in graphene. Zinc oxide nanoparticles. Learn extra 


Subject 21 

Graphene: Visitor article from Vorbeck Supplies. Graphene-The brand new surprise materials: Visitor article from Haydale. Graphene in merchandise. Anti-corrosion nanocoatings. Learn extra  

Subject 20 

Graphene manufacturing. Inexperienced Earth Nano Science Inc. outlines the usage of colloidal chemistry of their vary of merchandise. Automotive nanocoatings. Graphene in China. Learn extra 

Subject 19 

Photocatalytic nanocoatings. Nanocoatings methods and rising markets. Nanotech within the marine and boat business. Nanotech within the biomedical and life sciences business. Nanocoatings within the industrial instruments and equipment sector. Learn extra

Subject 18 

Nanotech in smartphones. Graphene within the electronics market. Interview with Graphenea. Main nanotech firms within the biomedical and life sciences business. Concentrate on germanane. Learn extra 

Subject 17

That includes the most popular 100 nanotech merchandise in: Shopper items, drugs, plastics, automotive, safety, aerospace, oil & gasoline, development, electronics and many others. Learn extra

 Subject 16 

That includes the most popular 100 nanotech firms together with producers and utility builders. Learn extra

Subject 15 

Quantum dots. Nanofood. Nanomagnetics. Nanowires. Magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles. Learn extra

 Subject 14

Nanotechnology within the oil and gasoline business. Carbon nanotube sensors. Dendrimers. Carbon nanohorns. Nanotechnology in cement. Learn extra

Subject 13

Carbon Nanotubes Markets and Future Prospects. Nanomaterials Regulation Worldwide. The Marketplace for Nanoscale Precipitated calcium carbonate. AFM Probes Market and Corporations. Nanotechnology in South Korea. Learn extra

Subject 12 

Graphene. Specialty optical fibers. Silicene. Graphdiyne. Graphane. Learn extra  


Subject 11 

Anti-corrosion nanocoatings. Nanocellulose manufacturing in france. Nano-precipitated calcium carbonate. Molybdenum disulfide . Nanofibers. Antimony tin oxide nanopowders. Learn extra 

 Subject 10

Nanotechnology in textiles. Zinc oxide nanoparticles. Nanoalumina.  Nanotech within the aerospace and aviation industries. Nanotechnology in the UK. Learn extra

 Subject 9

Nanocomposites in cement. Nanotechnology in adhesives. The marketplace for nanocoatings. Anti-fingerprint coatings. Nanomaterials in insulation. Learn extra

 Subject 8 

Nanotechnology in safety. Nanophotonics. Nanofibers. Nanotechnology in Germany. View content material 


 Subject 7 

Going inexperienced with nanotechnology. Nanocellulose. NANOTOXICOLOGY-A COMPLEX ISSUE. Nanotechnology in catalysts. Nanotechnology in Russia. Nanosilver. View content material

 Subject 6 

Understanding the problem of nanomaterials toxicology. Nanostructured Zirconia. The EU Definition of Nanomaterials – Views from Europe and America. Present progress and future views in toxicology of nanomaterials. Cerium oxide nanopowders. View content material  

 Subject 5 

Nano drug supply. Sol-gel coatings. Nanotechnology in batteries. Fullerenes. Nanotechnology in India. View content material  

 Subject 4 

Nanotechnology in medical implants. How nanomaterials are resulting in new and enhanced merchandise within the cosmetics and private care. Nanocomposite coatings. A information to the most recent nanotechnology developments for water therapy and remediation. A take a look at Taiwan’s Nationwide Nanotechnology Program, now in its second part. Titanium Dioxide Nanopowders. Learn extra  

Subject 3 

Nanosilver. Regulating nanotechnology.Nanocellulose. Nanotechnology in China. Nanotechnology in glass. View content material 

Subject 2 

Quantum dots. Nanotechnology in photo voltaic vitality. Nanotechnology within the navy. Concentrate on nanotechnology within the development and structure sector. Concentrate on nanotechnology within the cleantech sector. Nanotechnology within the USA. A take a look at how anti-corrosion and put on resistant nanocoatings are being utilized to a variety of industries together with oil and gasoline and manufacturing equipment. Zinc oxide nanopowders. Learn extra

Subject 1 

GRAPHENE: The brand new surprise materials? How nanotechnology is driving the following technology of electronics and computing.  Nanotech-enabled subsequent technology shows for shopper electronics. A take a look at how nanotechnology is driving innovation within the shopper merchandise sector.  Concentrate on nanotechnology within the unstable automotive business. Nanotechnology in Japan. Nanoclays-end consumer marketplace for nanoclays are in packaging, automotive, cosmetics and toiletries, water filtration, flame retardant  supplies, medical and biomaterials and paints, pigments and dyes. Learn extra 



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