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Multi-position change managed by amplitude

Switches managed by the enter sign amplitude are used as enter sign degree indicators, enter sign degree analyzers, energy provide voltage indicators, and so forth. Such switches are normally made as a line of comparators or bipolar or field-effect transistors together with an enter resistive voltage divider.

The change described under is made utilizing MOSFET Q1–Q11 2N7000 and is characterised by a reasonably easy scheme, the flexibility to extend the variety of switching channels, in addition to the presence of non-overlapping switching home windows. This function permits you to use a multi-position change managed by amplitude as a multi-load switching machine with management from a number of equal management panels utilizing simply by way of two wires.

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These panels include a number of switches and resistors which are linked in sequence with them, and the unused pins of the switches are linked collectively a nd linked through the management line to the machine’s energy bus, and the unused pins of the resistors are additionally linked collectively and linked through the management line to the Multi-position change enter.

The multi-position change, Determine 1, works as follows. The enter sign is fed to the resistive divider R1–R6. From resistive divider R1–R6 by way of resistors R7–R12 management alerts are despatched to the gates of field-effect transistors that management masses R13–R18. In parallel to the management circuits (source-gate) of transistors, transistors are linked that present sequential shunting of those circuits because the enter voltage will increase.

Determine 1 Electrical diagram of a six-position change managed by making use of totally different ranges of voltage to its enter.

Within the preliminary state, if there isn’t any management voltage, a high-level voltage is current in any respect six outputs of the machine, nearly equal to the facility provide voltage of the multi-position change (from 6 to 60 V).

For the primary of the channels, the output voltage drops nearly to zero, Determine 2, when a voltage from 2.4 to 4.1 V is utilized to the enter of the change.

Determine 2 Dynamics {of electrical} processes (switching output levels) of a multi-position change when a linearly rising voltage is utilized to its enter.

For the second channel, the change state switching window is within the vary from 4.9 to eight.0 V. for the third channel – from 9.5 to 12.8 V; for the fourth – from 15.2 to 21.6 V; for the fifth – from 25.3 to 32.7 V and for the sixth-over 38 V.

The utmost enter voltage of a multi-position change not more than 40 V. Underneath this situation, the utmost attainable voltage on the gates of transistors doesn’t exceed their most permissible passport values (not more than 20 V).

If desired, the voltage switching ranges of channels will be adjusted by choosing the values of the enter resistive divider R1–R6.

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