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Enter valueAsNumber

Each every now and then I find out about a JavaScript property that I want I had identified about years earlier — valueAsNumber is one in all them. The valueAsNumber supplies the worth of an enter[type=number] as a Quantity sort, as an alternative of the normal string illustration whenever you get the worth:

 Assuming an <enter sort="quantity" worth="1.234" />

// BAD: Get the worth and convert the quantity
enter.worth // "1.234"
const numberValue = parseFloat(enter.worth, 10);

// GOOD: Use valueAsNumber
enter.valueAsNumber // 1.234

This property permits us to keep away from parseInt/parseFloat, however one gotcha with valueAsNumber is that it’ll return NaN if the enter is empty.

Thanks to Steve Sewell for making me conscious of valueAsNumber!

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