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Bug: “Testfield in Row of Listing with Movable Gadgets”

I used to be attempting to recreate an current person interface view in SwiftUI however received stumped for some time by some erratic habits. I’ve constructed a pleasant pattern app which can also be on GitHub. This has been filed as FB9715757.


In case you have a Listing with movable rows that has a Textfield in its rows there is a matter if you happen to attempt to transfer a row whereas it’s first responder.

Steps to Reproduce

Please run the offered pattern app on iOS 15 simulator.

  1. Faucet on the merchandise titled ‘One’ beneath and modify the string.
  2. Use the merchandise’s reorder deal with to maneuver it into second place.
  3. Drag it again up into first place.

Anticipated Conduct

That you could transfer the row again into first place.

Precise Conduct

The system received’t allow you to drop the row in first place. Generally the row disappears fully leaving a niche between the “Two” and “Three” gadgets (see screenshot)

A functioning workaround is that if the primary responder is resigned earlier than the transfer itself.

Additionally printed on Medium.

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